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The Conference Fund

The Conference Fund is to support academics to promotion and disseminate their research at high profile international conferences and raise both the visibility of the School of Management, University of Bath as well the researcher themselves. The fund is intended to support the preparation of papers for submission to top international journals as these are of particular importance in early stages of development at conferences, 

A proportion of an individual’s allowance can be used to support other research activity.  This is normally £2,500 per year, where £500 of this can be used for research purposes (see Conference Fund Guidelines).

To check your balance please contact the finance office.  For any other queries relating to the Conference Fund, contact the research office.

We have additional funding available for AOM 2019.  Click here for full details.

Research Seed Corn funding

Early career academics are encouraged to take the opportunity to apply for up to £2,000 to assist in developing their research. The fund is designed to support research expenditure with typical examples including interview and survey expenses, relevant software, research assistance and database access. This fund is generally restricted to academic staff who are either probationers or in the two years immediately following probation.

Applications should include a description of the proposed research activity and a budget breakdown.

Application can be downloaded here . The deadline has passed. Watch this space for more funding opportunities.

Events funding

You can apply for up to £1000 for events which will assist in increasing the international reputation of the School. 

Application can be downloaded here . The deadline has passed. Watch this space for more funding opportunities.

Should you wish to employ a Research assistant as part of this funding please read this policy.

Impact Initiator Grant

The School of Management offers two types of impact grants:

Impact Initiator Grant, for funding up to £3,000 to support opportunities to generate impact

Impact Delivery Grant, for funding of up to £5,000 or remission of up to 25% to develop a REF Impact Case Study

Please look at our impact Page for more information on these calls


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