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In order to maintain a consistent and distinctive identity among our many stakeholders, we must ensure that the representation of the School’s brand and the basic elements of our identity are always used coherently and correctly.

Logos, lock up logo with slogan and gradients

See this Dropbox folder for ALL of our SofM logo files

The standard two-colour logo is the most common and should be used whenever possible.

On the rare occasion when it is not possible to use the standard two-colour logo, the one-colour version should be used.

White and black versions of the logo are also available for instances when a colour logo cannot be used


EPS (for use in Adobe Illustrator) and PNG files can be found in the Dropbox folder

Ranking logos

Rankings logos have moved to here Rankings images


The new powerpoint guidance has moved to here PowerPoint presentations and guidance

Brand identity & style guide

The full School of Management brand guidelines can be viewed here

Marketing contacts

For more information on any aspect of the School’s brand and identity please contact:

Kate Stringer (Angela Webley is on maternity leave)
Marketing & External Relations Manager
01225 383526

Kathryn Burt
Senior Marketing Officer
01225 383841

Vidushi Gupta
Marketing Officer
01225 386741

Kamile Bagdanaviciute
Marketing Officer
01225 386741


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