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So you've hired a new member of staff. Congratulations. Here's a stream of consciousness of things that you will probably need to take them through or provide them with.

Can also serve as a useful list for them to look through to check off things you have/haven't done.

New starter checklist for line managers in the School of Management

Download the checklist

Physical things

ThingWho can helpWhat you'll needWhen to do it
ID cardLibrary issue deskCopy of contractAs soon as possible - won't appear on any systems or get a username without it
StationeryThe team - specific orders go through finance (Janet Buchan)At the least a notebook and penBefore they arrive
Desk/chair/drawersProject and facilities team (Melanie Torrence & Judith Bishop) - dateAs early as possible - ordering/fitting furniture might take a while
Campus map Before they arrive
PCIT service deskName and start date. Don't forget to order a second screen...As early as possible - ordering and installing might take a while

Project and facilities team (Melanie Torrence & Judith Bishop) -

Telephone quickguide

Name/start date 
Swipecard access to EB3.2

East Building Reception -

Name/start dateAs early as possible

IT stuff

ThingWho can helpWhen to do it
Access to shared folder: \\campus\Management\IT service deskAs soon as they have username
Access to web servers:
  • \\
  • \\
IT service deskAs soon as they have username
Adobe Creative Suite installIT service deskIdeally when you request the PC. Will need budget code (BA-MN5ASC)
Email list for professional staffAcademic Co-ordinatorAs soon as they have email
Email list for team and 3.2 office staff

Joey -

(this will also give them access to the East Building 3.2 staff list)

As soon as they have email
MSc micrositeRayner or JoeyAs soon as they have email
MBA micrositeRayner or JoeyAs soon as they have email
Access to the web team email account ( or Rayner - soon as they have email
Access to sensitive wiki pages - they'll need adding to the team group listThe web team or Angela

As soon as they have username

Not strictly for new starters, but the new computer checklist page contains useful tips on mapping network drives, adding browser extensions, etc...

Websites/software/bits and pieces we use

ThingWhat is itWhen to do itLink
SlackInstant messaging for teamsAs soon as they have email/username

Teams -,,

TrelloProject planning toolAs and when needed
FlowUniversity editorial calendarAs and when needed. Think manage access?
TypecaseNew CMS. Formerly known as Content PublisherAs and when needed.
FotowebUniversity's image libraryAs soon as they have email/username. Via Nic Delves-Broughton ( or failing that

More info at:

ServerswitcherBrowser plugin that lets you switch between live and staging serverAs and when needed (Chrome)

Firefox version not supported anymore - use location switcher instead:

A bunch of other stuffCollated list of web policies, resources and useful information 

University policies and resources

Resources and useful information

ThingWhat is it?Link
Person finderLook up details of any member of the University
Mandatory/recommended online training

All staff need to take and pass:

Strongly recommended for all staff:

There's also a School induction section:

  • Way of accessing network drives remotely
  • a tool for sharing big files (internally and externally)

(you can also use the learning materials filestore for sharing files)

The wikiYou're looking at it
iTrentEmployee self service (sickness, leave etc)
Room bookingRoom booking tool, designed by a maniac
ICT servicedeskLog faults/request help with IT
Facilities helpdeskLog physical faults - like plumbing issues
Bath blogsThe University's blogging platformMain page:
Other useful/relevant blogs:
Energy, sustainability and the environmentEstates' policies, tips and processes around sustainability
Show and Tell agendaThe Digital team's fortnightly session on all things digital. We normally go, and occasionally present.Show and Tell agenda
Daily Headlines emailDigest of research in the news, things like that. Useful for social mediaDoes this work?

Perks of the job

ThingWhat's it for?How to get one
NUS Extra card10% off at Co-op. Enough said. Also loads of other discounts - £12 a year
Staff discountsCheap stuff
NoticeboardBuy/sell stuff. Earn money for taking part in experiments.
Sports Training VillageNo joining fee and discount rates for sports facilities

Other practical information

School of Management programme acronyms - because we love a good acronym round these parts

Fire alarm tests take place every Thursday morning (around 10am) - don't be alarmed. Heh.

Emergency evacuation procedure Make aware of the East Building Fire Assembly point (see maps in public areas next to extinguishers) and read about what to do in the event of a fire

Cyclists might like to know where to store their bike.

Drivers might want to know how to get a parking permit and where they can/can't park.

Bus users might want to know their options for travel and how to purchase passes. The companies' apps are the cheapest options.

Discretionary days are bonus days off that often confound new starters. We have up to five a year. Find out when they are, and other leave entitlement information.

Milk for hot drinks works on an honesty system. Put money in the weird yellow frog - or just buy milk for people to share.

The introduction to the University course gives new staff a feel for the working environment here.

The three Trade Unions the University recognises are:

Our digital properties websites

URLWhat is it?Who owns it? web sectionWe do internal (staff) web sectionWe do micrositeWe do micrositeWe do (and Liz Alvey) Centre for Healthcare Innovation + Improvement (CHI2) websiteChristos Vasilakis of Work research centre websiteNancy Harding

The International Centre for Higher Education Management (ICHEM) website

Rajani Naidoo
(maintained by Judith Bishop) for Strategic Risk and Insurance websiteMike Adams for Governance, Regulation and Industrial Strategy websiteAnia Zalewska for Business, Organisations & Society websiteAndy Crane
(maintained by Amy Lunt)

The Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Bath (CREI@Bath) website

Christos Kolympiris
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