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Twitter terms


Number of times users saw the Tweet on Twitter


Total number of times a user has interacted with a Tweet. This includes all clicks anywhere on the Tweet (including hashtags, links, avatar, username, and Tweet expansion), retweets, replies, follows, and likes.

Engagement rate

The number of engagements (clicks, retweets, replies, follows and likes) divided by the total number of impressions.


Jan 2017

May 2017

July 2017

Youtube - 532 subscribers

Twitter - 1,993 followers

Facebook - 4,200 likes

Linkedin - 4,274 members

Flickr - 43 followers

Instagram - 606 followers

Pinterest - 32 followers

Google+ - 29 followers

Sina weibo don’t know the numbers

Youtube - 607 subscribers

Twitter - 2,137 followers

Facebook - 4,521 likes

Linkedin - 4,306 members

Flickr - 51 followers

Instagram - 712 followers

Pinterest - 32 followers

Google+ - 30 followers

Sina weibo don’t know the numbers

Youtube - 665 subscribers

Twitter - 2,225 followers

Facebook - 4,634 likes

Linkedin - 4,316 members

Flickr - 55 followers

Instagram - 808 followers

Pinterest - dead

Google+ - dead

Sina weibo 3615 fans (concern 53 & Micro-Bo 670)

After meeting take aways

  • Find out who our twitter followers are - any tools we can use to measure engagement
  • Press releases going through the last 10 imagining ways to make them more engaging
  • Look at University business school competitor analysis
  • What is the account personality and tone of voice
  • Ask new students when/if they engaged in the social media at what point with the September cohort
  • Snapchat?
  • Media takeover - Kathryn to investigate with Chris and SomSA
  • FYP - have a clear aim for a project with social media
  • instagram stories? Open days, Fresher’s Week


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Social Media analytics

January 2017 to March 2017

April 2017 to June 2017 

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