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We'd normally upload all videos to Youtube, and the best ones to Vimeo (especially if they are to be used on the Content Publisher). Save downloaded raw files here:

X:\Management\Groups\School_Admin\Alumni_and_External\External Relations\Promotional Videos


Ask the web team for the password

Once logged in, you'll see an 'upload' button in the top right. You can drag and drop or browse to the video you want to add.

The video won't be online for users to see until you've published. This allows you to edit all the information you need to first.

Titles, descriptions, tags (metadata)


  • Keep below 70 characters. YouTube allows up to 100, but longer titles cut off in YouTube and Google’s search results.
  • Frontload the title. Get the important information in first. Is it a Professional Placement video? Say that straight away.
  • Accuracy is key. YouTube penalises videos if the content doesn’t match up with the metadata.
  • Accuracy needed for playtime too. Viewers may exit quickly if video isn’t what they wanted, which harms the video’s search score.
  • Name the video file before uploading. YouTube scans the file name for search purposes. So a good file name would be – professional-placement-persons-name-at-pwc.mp4
  • Don’t stress about getting ‘University of Bath’ or ‘School of Management’ into the title, as our channel’s name covers this


  • YouTube’s search only displays between 15-25 words of the description in the search list (basically the first sentence). Frontload this to get as much of the key information as possible in. YouTube will use the whole description box for search, but people will only be able to scan a snippet when selecting what to watch.
  • Include links to relevant content – course information, scholarship details, etc…
  • All links MUST have http:// or https:// included to work
  • Include our disclaimer text: Some details may have changed. Check our website for details - Uploaded December 2017


  • Use at least 10
  • Think about the words people might be using in their search to find content they’re looking for – for MScs, people might search master’s, so include both

Thumbnail image

  • 1280x720px (16:9 aspect ratio)

  • Attractive thumbnails work best - this is subjective, but it's easy to separate bad from good

  • Try to create your own thumbnail - get a good screenshot from the video using something like the Snipping Tool and pausing the video at a good moment. Keep in mind that the YouTube play button will appear centrally, so this could overlay a person's face if they're central in the image. You can edit the screengrab in PhotoShop (below is a good example)

Public, unlisted or private

  • Public: Will appear in YouTube/Google searches, can be viewed by anyone able to access YouTube content
  • Unlisted: Can be viewed by anyone with the link to the video. Will not appear in search, but can be embedded as an iframe on webpages
  • Private: Can only be viewed by people logged into the Google account linked to the YouTube channel

Add a card


As of December 2016, we need to add a card to all videos about courses. This is to comply with CMA guidelines.

From the video's edit screen, you can change the information above, and add a card. All videos that are about our courses need to come with a disclaimer that content maybe out of date.

Under the card tab, click 'add card', and click 'create' next to Link:

Enter this information:

  • Link url:
  • Card title: Some details may have changed
  • Call to action: Check our website for details
  • Teaser text: Uploaded Month Year (e.g. 'Uploaded December 2016') 

Click 'change image' and upload the sulis head logo. You can find 'sulis-square.jpg' here: X:\Management\Groups\School_Admin\Alumni_and_External\Logos

Click 'create card'. By default it should be positioned at the start of the video, which is correct.

You can preview the card in this view.

You can view an example of this here.

Advanced settings

These settings should be correct by default. Allow comments, ratings, embedding and notify subscribers. The category should be 'education'.

You can now click 'publish' to make the video live.

Adding videos to playlists

We have a number of playlists. You should add videos to any that are relevant. The easiest way is to click 'add to' from the video page and tick the relevant list(s).

Editing a video after it has been uploaded

Access the edit screen by clicking on the account icon in the top right-hand corner (next to the upload button) and selecting `creator studio' in the dropdown. This opens the creator studio dashboard where a video list is displayed. Click on the `edit' button next to the video to enter the edit screen.


We have a Vimeo account (, but as of March 2018 it's not really being used. We've also got admin access to the University's account, where we can add videos.

Once you've logged in (

  • cick on the sulis head logo, click 'change teams' and select 'University of Bath'
  • click the 'upload' button in the top right

You can then drag and drop the video file to start the upload.

Edit settings

You can enter basic details first, but it's easier to click 'Edit settings' and do it all at once.


Title, description and tags: Follow the guidelines for YouTube above.

Creation date

Add a date that the video was created, i.e. 'Originally uploaded in October 2016.'


Language: 'English (United Kingdom)' (unless it's not, obviously)

Content rating: 'All audiences'

Categories: Don't select any unless there is an obvious fit.

Credits: Leave blank

Thumbnail: follow YouTube guidance. Vimeo allows you to randomly generate a set to pick from, which is really useful.

Click 'save' to finish.


Privacy: 'anyone can see this video' (unless you've got a good reason to use the other options)

Where can this video be embedded?: 'Anywhere'

Who can comment on this video? 'No one' (we don't have the capacity to moderate)

What can people do with this video? Untick all options.

Enable video review page? Untick (this is to allow people to add comments on draft video content)

Click 'save' to finish.



Please make sure all School video content is added to the correct collection

Tick 'School of Management' under 'Albums'

Click 'save' to finish.

All other settings

Leave as default.

School list

Finally, please add new videos to the list of School promotional vidoes (assuming they're relevant)

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