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This is the home page for the Stage acoustics space.

Use the menu on the left to explore this space. If you can't see a menu, try click on the Browse Space tab.

The main thing to check out is the news section - I will post things normally under News.

Jens Jørgen

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  1. Unknown User (jjd22)

    Hi everyone!

    I have made this space so everyone interested can share ideas, thoughts and experiences on stage acoustics - acousticians, musicians, sound engineers etc. That's why I made this wiki open to everyone so all can take part by posting comments etc. (please don't misuse this flexibility).

    I have a home page for our ongoing research project, please visit check out documents available on our project, like conference proceedingsm presentations etc.
    The main focus for our project is stage acoustics for orchestra musicians in concert halls, with a wide scope.

    Feel free to post whatever you think might be of interest for the rest of us, you can do that anonymously or with your name. Stage acoustics is a very complex and fascinating topic!

    I will try to keep this site updated on things I publish and present.

    Jens Jørgen 

  2. Unknown User (jjd22)

    Thanks for posting this story. Would be interesting to know more about the details of how the orchestra experienced this and what was the configuration of the hall. Based in pictures from the hall, one get an idea of the conditions, but difficult to tell what really caused the problems as I can see it. If there's anyone with more information on this, please comment.