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ISEE - Institute of Energy and Environmnent

Hosts fortnightly seminar series during term time. I-SEE aims to discuss, connect and integrate energy and environment research. We focus on the natural and engineering sciences, with partnerships in the social, economic, and political sciences and in policy.
DCARB - Decarbonisation of the built environmentLaunched to address this challenge and carry out multidisciplinary research into the design and creation of zero-carbon buildings and technologies that will potentially transform the future of our built environment.
CSCT - Centre for Sustainable Chemical TechnologiesEstablished in 2008, the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) brings together academic expertise from the University of Bath with international industrial, academic and stakeholder partners to carry out research, training and outreach in sustainable chemical technologies. The centre has rapidly become an important hub for sustainable chemistry in the UK.
WIRC - WaterIn collaboration with Wessex Water, the Water Innovation & Research Centre: WIRC @ Bath, provides a unique environment to engage globally in research and policy on water technologies and resource management.
Centre for Sustainable Power DistributionFocuses on making energy supply systems more secure, reliable and efficient. We are at the forefront of research into smart grids, which balance the needs of generators and users and make greater use of renewable energy.
COP21 Implementation GroupA group of staff and students aiming to enhance and embed university teaching on the environment, sustainability and climate change, following the UN Paris COP21 agreements.

No public page. Blog post concerning first staff/student discussion detailed here:


CREECREE is the UK's leading group of researchers whose work focuses on educational issues relating to the environment and sustainability. Our mission is, through research and scholarship, to promote practical and theoretical understandings of how education in its widest sense can be focused on environmental and sustainability issues.
CBOSThe Centre for Business, Organisations and Society (CBOS) is a leading interdisciplinary centre for the conduct and dissemination of relevant and high impact research on corporate social and environmental performance.
IPR Environment & Sustainability

Policy research on Environment & Sustainability within the IPR sits alongside the broader agenda of I-SEE, the University’s Institute of Sustainable Energy & the Environment. This policy research encompasses international negotiations on climate change through the IPCC, national environmental politics, the functioning and limitations of carbon markets, corporate social responsibility, and the scope for action and behaviour change within local communities. It also attends to the philosophical, cultural and educational underpinnings of social and political action on environmental matters.
Centre for Space, Atmospheric and Oceanic ScienceIn the Centre for Space, Atmospheric & Oceanic Science (CSAOS) we research the effects of the natural environment on the propagation of the radio and acoustic waves used in communication, navigation and remote-sensing systems.
Centre for Energy and the Design of Environments (EDEn)

Promotes research in the field of sustainable building design and environmental engineering.

At the cutting edge of research in design sustainability, natural processes and renewable energy. Also draws on links with industry to promote energy efficient and climate awareness design.
Unit for Water, Environment and Infrastructure Resilience (WEIR)Unit focuses on broad issues of water research related to the field of civil engineering. The challenges of climate change, and water and energy shortage are the key drivers for this research.