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SWERN has now ceased operating. Responsibility of the network is now with JANET


The South West of England Regional Network connects the Universities of Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol, Bath and the West of England and provides connections for other South West HEIs and some 40+ FE Colleges and institutions. SWERN serves approximately 450,000 users.

The web site is intended to help the running of SWERN. A number of groups contribute to the site. The left hand navigation menu points to various areas which are used to share information amongst SWERN's members. The site contains both public and restricted areas.


The Board of Directors

  • Mrs D Aderyn, representing University of Bath
  • Mrs M I Shoebridge, representing University of Exeter
  • Miss P Holland, representing University of Plymouth
  • Mr W J Marshall, representing University of the West of England
  • Ms A J Allden, representing University of Bristol
Other People

Mark Pender
Job title:Company Secretary
Tel: 01225 385398
Fax: 01225 386709
University of Bath

Tim Phillips
Job title:Chair - PPC
Tel: 0117 928 7849
University of Bristol

Ian Sugden
Job title:Business Manager
Tel: 01752 233935
Fax: 01752 233839
University of Plymouth

Keith Simpkin
Job title:Network Engineer
Tel: 0117 3281022
Fax: 0117 3281002
University of the West of England

Neil Francis
Job title:Network Manager / Network Engineer
Tel: 01225 383571
Fax: 01225 386176
University of Bath

Hugh Street
Job title:Network Manager

James Long
Job title:Network Operator
Tel: 01752 233924
University of Plymouth

Hazel Hockings
Job title:Accounts Manager
Tel: 01752 232292
Fax: 01752 232293
University of Plymouth

Lorna Bays
Job Title:  Assistant Business Manager and Admin Support
Tel:  01752 587250
Fax: 01752 233938

Use of the site 

The web site runs on a Confluence wiki engine hosted at the University of Bath. Members of SWERN can request accounts if they require access to areas of the site which are not publicly accessible.

Some useful links for users of the site below.

Why you may want to use the site

  • Collaboration
  • Information Sharing
  • See Hints and Tips page for more reasons

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