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When you need to add a photo gallery to a page.


These steps are specifically for a Foundation page

Step-by-step guide

  1. First check that you can upload the images into Flickr
  2. Upload them into a new album
  3. Use the Organiser to arrange the pics and bulk add descriptions then save.
  4. Go to the list of albums and click on the album you have just created
  5. Click on one of the photos in the album (note the /in/set-blah in the URL)
  6. Hit the share icon
  7. Select 'Slideshow'
  8. Copy the Embed code (that starts with <a data-flickr-embed)
  9. Paste into source of your page
  10. Tweak with class="flickr" width="672" height="378"

As long as you get the embed code while viewing in the album then the embed code will be for that album, no matter which image in that album you are viewing on Flickr.