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How to add a news item

  • Visit your existing news index page in the CMS by left clicking on it in the CMS workplace (usually index.html)
  • Click the "New" button with a green plus sign on the page:

  • Type a title for the news story, some teaser text which will be displayed on the news index page, and the main content of the article in the text box. Click on the image below to view a larger version of the news editor.

  • Tag the news item accordingly (e.g. a research feature would be tagged research)
  • Save and close the news item editor.
  • Publishing your news item: When you create a new news-item, you need to change the timestamp on /news/index.html (right-click > Advanced > Touch) and publish it at the same time as the news item; otherwise the CMS does not add the news item to the main news page (/news/index.html) .

You can also set release and expiry dates for news items.

See also:

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