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Active palettes

There are three currently active palettes:

Common colours across palettes

The colours included in the three palettes are often similar in tone and styling.

  • University blue - The default Uni colour
  • Slate grey - A blue-tinted mid-grey
  • Grey/granite - A darker blue-tinted grey
  • Stone - A yellow-tinted beige based on the colour of Bath stone
  • Hot pink - A bright pink used as a contrast or accent
  • Lime green - A bright, saturated green used as a contrast or accent

 Origins (Beta)V3 online colour palettePrint colour palette
University blue
Slate grey
Granite grey

Faculty colours

The Beta pattern library does not include individual faculty colours.

The online colour palette retains the faculty colours but does not tie them to a specific faculty.

  • Engineering & design - Orange
  • Humanities & Social Sciences - Pink
  • Science - Green
  • School of Management - Light blue

 Origins (Beta)V3 online colour palettePrint colour palette
Engineering & design-
Humanities & Social Sciences-
School of Management-

Undocumented colours

Any colours in regular usage that are not officially defined in any of the brand guidelines.

Colours have been derived from print values.

  • 'Open days' red (R228/G0/B58)
  • Alumni (R0/G181/B229)
Open daysAlumni



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