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This tool checks the properties of a file and lets you know whether it is missing keywords, title, etc.

1. Switch to Administration view in the CMS workplace 

2. Click on Content Tools

3. Click on Content Check

4.Click on the big green plus button to select your site

5. Use the yellow folder button to browse to the folder

6. The content check will now run; when it has completed, click OK.

7. You will now get a report entitled Content resources with errors and warnings

8. If you select Explorer view from the buttons on the right, you can do all the things that you can do with the file in Explorer mode, such as opening to edit, deleting, publishing, and changing the properties.  If you select Errors, it will only display errors, and if you select Warnings, it will only display warnings (note that errors are more severe than warnings).

9. Click on the file icon to edit the properties


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