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Tegan Male

Justin Keevill

Plan date



Type of testingGuerilla testing


As a member of Digital,
I want to collect data about prospective students' initial perceptions of the the website,
So that I can prioritise the future changes I make.

Pivotal stories


We're looking to test published course page design on iPad devices to get and understanding of prospective students initial perception of the new design, in comparison to the old design.

Pages to be tested

We'll be testing the course pages, and will be selecting the course page dependent on the prospective students interests.

For example:


We are using two different testing methods:

  1. Task analysis
  2. Survey

Task analysis

Tasking the users with getting the Typical Entry Requirements information and seeing how the user behaves and what they expect to happen.


General scale questions to gather data on what the prospective students think about the website.


We will primarily be focussing on prospective students attending the June 2017 open day.

We are not specifically targeting students with particular subject interests, as it would be useful to get a broad range.


  • Justin and Tegan.
  • Hanna and Craig.
  • Dan and Sean.
  • John and Sean.