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Creating your page

To create a new page:

  • Click on the New button:
  • Select 'Basic page' from the 'new resource type' dialogue box and click on continue
  • On Create new page menu, enter page title in name box. Select Standard page (V3)' in template box. Press continue.
  • In properties dialogue box, enter Title, Keywords and description.
  • Click the finish button

Adding pages in non-V3 (common) template sites

  • Instead of Standard page (V3) in the template and layout fields, use "Common template" for both.

Rules for file-naming

  1. Please ensure that all filenames have a .html file extension or the file may not display properly in some browsers. Filenames MUST NOT include capital letters
  2. If you add keywords they need to be comma-separated, e.g. business, partnerships, innovation
  3. The title of the file is what gets displayed at the top of the browser window, and is usually the same as the heading of the page, e.g. "About the department"
  4. The "navigation text" field in the file properties can be left blank; it doesn't do anything
  5. Remember - filename is for the computer and needs to be short and lower-case in case people are typing in the URL at the top, whereas title is human-readable and can and should include spaces and capital letters

View more information about file and folder names.

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