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A weekly two-hour session to make ourselves better at what we do.

The aims

DevDev is a time set aside for personal development. How that time is used is up to individuals, within certain guidelines.

  • There should be some kind of output, such as:
    • Show & Tell
    • Blog post
    • New features in a product backlog
    • Recommendation for process improvement
    • Ideas for future project / work / development
  • It is productive time - starting at 1.15pm, with a clear goal in mind
  • It is not time to write Show & Tell, unless the presentation is on the back of DevDev work

Previous Developer Development

What are we learning about?

     Active Record relations 
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  1. I'm finding the change in column order after people have joined or left very confusing (sad) My brain hurts.

    Can we just have the columns in a single order and leave 'em blank after someone has left and before someone has joined?

  2. Yeah, re-alphabetizing them was probably a bad plan. I even shoved Justin's death-face in the wrong column, I see... I'll move them back if I have any long-running tests later.