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A weekly two-hour session to make ourselves better at what we do.

The aims

DevDev is a time set aside for personal development. How that time is used is up to individuals, within certain guidelines.

  • There should be some kind of output, such as:
    • Show & Tell
    • Blog post
    • New features in a product backlog
    • Recommendation for process improvement
    • Ideas for future project / work / development
  • It is productive time - starting at 1.15pm, with a clear goal in mind
  • It is not time to write Show & Tell, unless the presentation is on the back of DevDev work

Previous Developer Development

What are we learning about?

  (error) On holiday
  Abstract App     
  (Re)Installing Node and NPM Java Compile / Githubbery 🛠️ jQuery on Codecademy 
   Java Text Adventure 🛠️ jQuery on Codecademy 
  (error) Working on Course publisherSlackbot opensourceryJava Text AdventureRails Tutorial(error) Working on Course publisher 
?JHipsterMore more more JavaLRtHW(error) Going to see Harry Potter!1!1!! 
(error) Working on Course publisherMinaMore more JavaLRtHW

Typography learnings:

  (error) Working on Course publisherCodecademy's Java coursesMore JavaLRtHW(error) Working on Course publisher(error) Working on Course publisher
Sketch workflow
  • Github & Sketch
  • Writing up workflow findings 
Codecademy's Java coursesCodecademy's Java coursesLRtHW

More typography learnings:


Sketch workflow(error) Ill (sad)Capybara - Syntax and ExamplesLRtHW; Ruby styleDelving into Typography(error)
 Shared assets in SketchCodecademy's SQL courses (error) HolsComponent Library discovery(error)
 Justin joined!
 (error) Working on Course Publisher design(error)(error) (error) Working on Collections design(error)
 (error) Working on Course Publisher designVisual regression testing(error)Learn Ruby the Hard WayComponent Library Discovery(error)
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