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A weekly two-hour session to make ourselves better at what we do.

The aims

DevDev is a time set aside for personal development. How that time is used is up to individuals, within certain guidelines.

  • There should be some kind of output, such as:
    • Show & Tell
    • Blog post
    • New features in a product backlog
    • Recommendation for process improvement
    • Ideas for future project / work / development
  • It is productive time - starting at 1.15pm, with a clear goal in mind
  • It is not time to write Show & Tell, unless the presentation is on the back of DevDev work

Previous Developer Development

What are we learning about?

  Websockets / ActionCable - blog writeupD3.js


 Sketch libraries & AbstractWebsockets / ActionCable - blog writeupD3.jsReactDocker (switched to The Docker Book)Research into recent design advancements (including CSS grid) 
 Making interactive prototypes with Marvel app(error) Landing pagesD3.js(error) Landing pagesDocker(error) Landing pages 
 (error) Landing pages
(error) Contact Hours Deployment(error) Print Prospectus Export(error) Contact Hours DeploymentDocker(error) Landing pages 
 (error) Landing pages
Websockets / ActionCable MUD (working!)Agile Development using Ruby on RailsReactDocker(error) Landing pages 
 Learning Javascript - Codecademy & NodeWebsockets / ActionCable MUD (hand-off is hard)Agile Development using Ruby on RailsReactDockerFlexbox research + tutorials 
 (error) Fixing dev environment (again)

Websockets / ActionCable MUD

Agile Development using Ruby on Rails


Setting up dev environment againAffinity Photo tutorials and catching up with Codrops news 



Induction(error) Contact Hours Disco


(error) Navigation Principles 
 Lizz joined


 OpenCms - The Treachery of Tags (error) Navigation Principles 
  Learning Javascript - Codecademy & Node
Websockets / ActionCable MUD - Basic Websocketry is working!
OpenCms - The Mysteries of Macros 


  Learning Javascript - Codecademy & NodeWebsockets / ActionCable MUDWorking on interview prepRSpec (but really Nokigiri)Affinity Photo tutorials 
   Iris left (sad)
  Learning Javascript - Codecademy


IrisReactRSpec (but really Nokigiri)Affinity Photo tutorials(error)
  (error) On holiday


 Show and Tell prep (I know. I'm sorry!)Ubuntu Vagrant boxWorkflow automation(error)
  Learning Javascript - CodecademyWebsockets / ActionCable MUD 


RSpecAMP/Google Dev Tools(error)
  Patterns Day videos, Affinity Photo tutorialsWebsockets / ActionCable MUD ReactRSpec

💯 Javascript on Codecademy

And a blog post on these learnings


Affinity Photo tutorials

Websockets / ActionCable MUDHapiMore Linux setup / ReactRSpec🛠️ Javascript on Codecademy(error)
SVG fragments & spritingWebsockets & Action Cable (reading about)Hapi


Legato - gem for Google Analytics🛠️ Javascript on Codecademy(error)
 Figma, Fractal & a bit of GitkrakenChanges in Rails 4.1 & 4.2


Linux Laptop SetupLegato - gem for Google Analytics🛠️ Javascript on Codecademy(error)
  Chris joined!
 (error) On holiday(error)(error) Course Publisher(error) Course Publisher(error) Course Publisher(error) Course Publisher(error)
 (error) Course Publisher(error)(error) Course Publisher(error) Course Publisher(error) Course Publisher(error) On holiday(error)
(error) On holiday(error)(error) Course Publisher(error) Course Publisher(error) Course Publisher(error) Course Publisher(error)
Fractal(error)(error) On holiday(error) Course PublisherRails URL Shortener🛠️ Javascript on Codecademy(error)
 (error) Course Publisher
(error)React tutorial(error) Course PublisherRails Tutorial(error) Course Publisher(error)
 (error) Course Publisher
(error)React tutorial(error) Course Publisher Battles (various)Rails Tutorial🛠️ Javascript on Codecademy(error)
Apache config(error)React tutorialNode.js investigationRails Tutorial

🛠️ Javascript on Codecademy

Gitkraken & Sketch Auto layout plugin(error)Github integrationsBrighton Ruby Travel and Accommodation


🛠️ jQuery on Codecademy(error)
  (error) On holiday
(error)(error) On holiday(error) Support


(error) Course publisher build(error)
  Abstract workflow & project templates(error)Interactive messages for Slackbots plus a bunch of related posts(error) Course Publisher review


Improving Abstract workflow and consolidating files/folders(error)
  Abstract workflow & pair working show & tell(error)Rspec tests for the SlackbotGoogle Arghnalytics vids n' tutorials

Rails Tutorial

(error) Helping with user research interview

  Feature queries & @supports(error)Rspec tests and Travis CIGoogle Analytics (many exciting videos)Rails Tutorial🛠️ jQuery on Codecademy(error)
  Abstract App(error)Rspec tests for the SlackbotLast bits of Java / Google AnalyticsRails Tutorial🛠️ jQuery on Codecademy(error)
  (Re)Installing Node and NPM(error)Hakiri, Hound and Code ClimateJava Compile / GithubberyRails Tutorial🛠️ jQuery on Codecademy(error)
  (error)Slackbot opensourceryJava Text AdventureRails Tutorial🛠️ jQuery on Codecademy(error)
  (error) Working on Course publisher(error)Slackbot opensourceryJava Text AdventureRails Tutorial(error) Working on Course publisher(error)
?(error)JHipsterMore more more JavaLRtHW(error) Going to see Harry Potter!1!1!!(error)
(error) Working on Course publisher(error)MinaMore more JavaLRtHW

Typography learnings:

  (error) Working on Course publisher(error)Codecademy's Java coursesMore JavaLRtHW(error) Working on Course publisher(error) Working on Course publisher
Sketch workflow
  • Github & Sketch
  • Writing up workflow findings 
(error)Codecademy's Java coursesCodecademy's Java coursesLRtHW

More typography learnings:


Sketch workflow(error)(error) Ill (sad)Capybara - Syntax and ExamplesLRtHW; Ruby styleDelving into Typography(error)
 Shared assets in Sketch(error)Codecademy's SQL courses (error) HolsComponent Library discovery(error)
 Justin joined!
 (error) Working on Course Publisher design(error)(error)(error) (error) Working on Collections design(error)
 (error) Working on Course Publisher design(error)Visual regression testing(error)Learn Ruby the Hard WayComponent Library Discovery(error)
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