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1and1 are not a great registrar, and this has caused is some issues in the past:

  • inflexibility of renewal periods is difficult for fixed-term projects (with fixed-term budgets) that have a requirement to maintain a web presence after the project has concluded
  • bad support (who recommend letting a domain expire so it can be renewed for a different length of time)
  • poor interface makes updating registrations and DNS difficult and more error-prone than it should be

The following are alternative registrars we are considering: priceMultiyear renewalsDNS costDNS as codereview/ratingother
Google Domains



AWS Route53

IONOS (formerly 1and1)


Be aware, the review option is quite anecdotal, and there is no one clear ranking. I have tried to give an idea of the average of reviews, and how frequently they occur.

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