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1and1 are not a great registrar, and this has caused is some issues in the past:

  • inflexibility of renewal periods is difficult for fixed-term projects (with fixed-term budgets) that have a requirement to maintain a web presence after the project has concluded
  • bad support (who recommend letting a domain expire so it can be renewed for a different length of time)
  • poor interface makes updating registrations and DNS difficult and more error-prone than it should be

The following are alternative registrars we are considering: priceMultiyear renewalsDNS costDNS as codereview/ratingother
Google Domains

$12$12$12unlisted, presumably availableYesGoogle Nameservers - Includedlikely, unclearReliable, but no direct supportAs AWS, but less good documentation and tooling


Basic - free

Premium - $5.00/year

no, but Zonefile available on requestGreat, commonly recommendedPrices are often lower, they run sales frequently

$12.99$13.99$9.99$9.99YesBasic - freeunlikely, unclearGood, occasionally recommendedMore consumer focused, no 24/7 support

E12.54E15.20E8.00E8.00Unlcear, but likelyBasic - freeunlikely, unclearGood, limited exposure so not a great sample sizeHas a good rep, but feels and looks as old as 1and1, which makes me nervous for maintenance
AWS Route53


$0.50 per hosted zone (domain and its subdomains) per month

$0.400 per million queries per month (first billion queries)

$0.350 per million after that

Queries to Cloudfront and S3 are free

Yes, via Route53 and cli53

Great, commonly recommended

Developer favorite, generally good, popular for ANAME records (not necessarily useful for us now)

AWS is a good platform in general, and might be useful for other projects in the future.

SLA is easily discoverable on the AWS docs (which are awesome).$14.99$19.99unlisted, but availableunlisted, but availableNoBasic - freenoGenerally badCurrent provider

Be aware, the review option is quite anecdotal, and there is no one clear ranking. I have tried to give an idea of the average of reviews, and how frequently they occur.

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  1. Unknown User (smr48)

    I think our best bet is Namecheap for domain registry. I'd like to say we should use Route53 for DNS, but there's the question of passing that cost back on to people we register for. Namecheap's basic DNS is fine though, and if we need 100% uptime SLA, we can use their Premium?