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We schedule messages for the First Year landing page and First Year undergraduate Twitter account on a regular basis (1 month to 6 weeks in advance)

The messages' purpose is to equip first year undergraduate students for academic study or encourage their participation in student life or extra curricular activities.They do not cover academic department communications (which are covered by alternative arrangements) or news stories which are handled by the press team .

Contributions are sent to us via the message request form 3 weeks in advance of the start of the month that they are supposed to be published. The deadlines for contributions can be seen on the blog post on how to schedule messages.

On the deadline day the messages will be scheduled on the editorial calendar in Flow. This is picked up as a Friday task from the Content Maintenance Trello board. 

The calendar can be exported in various formats but the preferred format is CSV and we attach this to any emails we send to contributors or Student Experience Officers (SEOs).

The schedule should be reviewed by the SEOs before the messages are confirmed and scheduled through Buffer. They will makes sure messages are timely, relevant and meet student needs. Messages for the landing page will be scheduled on a weekly basis.

The Student Experience Board (via Rich) will make all final decisions on whether messages should be included in scheduled activity. If there are any problems Rich will raise them for the board to decide what to do.

Student comms coordination contacts

The SEOs will review the messages requested from the contributors to make sure that they meet student needs.They should receive the emails on the dates indicated in the blog post and they have a deadline set as to when they should respond with any feedback or amendments to the messages.

Below is some example template content for the email message:

'Dear All

This  ________________ is a link to the document of the proposed messages for the month of _______________. Please take a look at them to check that they are relevant and meet first year undergraduate student needs. Could you also confirm that the messages are appropriate, or provide any feedback you feel necessary?

The deadline for feedback is ________________, if we do not hear from you by this date we will schedule and draft the messages as planned and confirm the scheduling of the messages with contributors.

You can contribute for next month's messages using our message request form and you can remind yourself of the messaging review process on our blog.

If there you have any questions, please contact Rhian Griggs or Charlotte Brewer on 01225 385792.

Kind regards




Email list for student comms coordination

Stakeholderemail address
Cath Haines (SEO)
Eliza Shaw (SEO)
Jenny Medland (SEO)

 You should also send this group the finalised messages once the review period closes and you have made any alterations that came out of feedback.

Content contributors

The content contributors should send messages for inclusion in the editorial schedule by the deadline date. They will receive a copy of the confirmed finalised scheduled messages on the dates indicated in blog post.

These finalised messages should also be sent to the SEOs  so that they are aware that any amendments based on their feedback on the proposed messages has been made.

Below is some example template content for the email message:

'Dear All

This is to confirm that the finalised  messages for the month of ________ have now been scheduled and drafted for the agreed channels and they are here  ________________ in a document  for your information. The messages may have been edited from the original due to issues of allocated message space on various channels.

Could you please double check the messages you have contributed and that are for your service to make sure that there are no errors?  If there are any last minute edits, changes to, or cancellations of messages, please contact Rhian Griggs or Charlotte Brewer on 01225 385792.

You can contribute for next month's messages using our message request form and you can remind yourself of the messaging review process on our blog.

Thank you for your contributions.

Kind regards




Email list for student comms contributors

EmailNameServiceNotes Kevin RenfrewAcademic Skills Centre Sarah TurpinAcademic Skills Centre EylesAccommodation & Hospitality MilnesAccommodation & Hospitality Steven LawrenceAdmissionsComms post adjustment and clearing SimmonsAdmissions Comms post adjustment and clearing RaymentAdmissionsScholarship administration HobbsAdmissionsScholarship administration SivilCampus Retail & Commerical OperationsRuns outlets not run by Accommodation and Hospitality Anna BaildonCareers Service OtterwellComputing Services VagleComputing Services SteadFaculty Engineering and DesignSEO Cath HainesFaculty of ScienceSEO MedlandFaculty Humanities and Social SciencesSEO  Helen FrippICIA Rachel PotterICIA Claire TyleeLibrary Service Ben HarrisMarketing & Communications Charlotte BrewerMarketing & Communications GriggsMarketing & Communications ProwseMarketing & Communications KanerMarketing & Communications ScottOffice of the University SecretaryCompliance Manager (Student Immigration) Eliza ShawSchool of ManagementSEO   Amy WoodmanSports Development and Recreation PeytonSports Development and Recreation James ArthurStudent Records & Examinations PizzeyStudent FinanceStudent loans and bursaries TimmsStudent FinanceStudent loans and bursaries Anthony PayneStudent Services MakinStudent Services Nicola PeacockStudent Services International student advice Helen FreemanStudents' Union  Ian RobinsonStudents' Union Iryna WithingtonWidening Participation Supports transition SchofieldStudent's UnionPeer-support coordinator








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    Omit Ben Harris from the latter group emailing list until further notice. 

  2. Unknown User (prm33)

    Ben Harris can now be included

  3. Process has now been changed due to the end of the FYSE project. Details can be found in the blog post in the 'Useful links' section of the page.


    Please could someone change my name to the correct spelling? Thanks