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Currently we are using IONOS (formerly known as 1and1) for the domains we manage. Our CN landing page is registered through Marcaria (, because IONOS does not offer domain stewardship in China–registering a .cn domain requires a physical presence in mainland China.



This is primarily handled by Computing Services, though a few domains have DNS managed by 1and1 (,

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about sc-square - James

    1. Renewal is due in September for that domain. I'll be in contact closer once I get the auto reminder from IONOS, that it's due.

  2. What's happening here?

    1. James Davenport if your comment relates to this wiki page, please provide more information. If your comment relates to your domain, please email - again, please include some more detail.

  3. It relates to the domain, as in the start of this thread. I've filed a request to have it renewed, since you didn't contact me about the renewal.