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When designing collaboratively with Sketch it is important to note that files can become very large very quickly.

We want to avoid working on the same file at the same time to minimise the possibilities of file corruption.

File sharing

We are currently saving our beta Sketch files to a shared folder in Dropbox.

This folder is backed up locally at the end of each day to two separate Macs.

Beta file structure

For the beta site we will be creating a single Sketch file for each content type (eg: Homepage, event, campaign etc.)

Frontend (site) designs

Frontend content type designs are located in:

types/content-type-name-(XX 050515).sketch

(warning) XX are the initials of the person who last edited the file.

App (CMS) designs

Backend editor designs are located in:

apps/app-name-screen-name-(xx 050515).sketch

(warning) XX are the initials of the person who last edited the file.

Artboard set-up Sketch

Every file should have an A3 artboard called 'Scratchpad'. This can be used for tests, temporary asset storage and general messing about (designing (smile)).

Frontend (site)

Frontend (site) files should have multiple artboards that default to the Foundation media query sizes.

  • Large screen (1920 x 800px)
  • Medium screen (1440 x 800px)
  • Small screen (640 x 800px)
  • Mobile (480 x 800px)


App (CMS)

App files should have a single 1440 x 800px artboard

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