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Deciding what to name your website files and folders can be an important part of creating a cohesive website. The web is not as flexible as most desktop computer systems when it comes to file naming. Improperly named files can, at best, be difficult for users to work out, and at worst, make it impossible for people to visit your pages.

Remember the following when naming files and folders:

  • All file and folder names should only include lower-case characters [a-z], numbers [0-9] and the hyphen character [-]
  • Never use spaces in file and folder names
  • Create names that are consistent and predictable - open-day.html is easier to identify than page2.html
  • Do not include version information in your file and folder names (e.g. v1 or 2009)

Page titles

These will be displayed in the browser title bar and should match the main page heading. There is no need to put University of Bath in titles as this will automatically be appended to it by the CMS. The title can have spaces and mixed case. (e.g. Applying for accommodation)

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