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Dan Dineen

Matthew Parsons

StakeholdersDigital, Students' Union
Plan date


Type of testingFocus group


As a member of a university digital team,
I want to collect data on students' experiences with the Uni and SU websites,
So that I can better understand how they see the two sites working together


Gather feedback on the main university website ( and the Students' Union site (

We are particularly interested in:

  • How participants compared universities before applying
  • How participants researched different universities on and off line
  • What pages on the specified sites participants visited and why
  • Thoughts on how the pages had changed since participants last looked at them
  • General feedback on usability, accessibility, functionality

Example pages

We expect this to be primarily driven by the participants.

However, we will be looking to show them the following pages as conversation 'starters':


We will be holding an informal focus group aiming for a maximum of 6 participants.


Matt is looking to source participants via a number of channels.

We are looking for current students at the University of Bath, studying any subject and any year.

Session agenda

45-minute focus group agenda

5 minutes – Background and introduction

  • Introduce ourselves
  • Explain what we’re going to do
  • Ensure everyone is happy with recording etc.
  • Get everyone to introduce themselves

15 minutes – Pre-offer experience

Focus on the main site and course pages.

  • How did you research possible universities? (Find out whether they all used the web, print, phone, fax…)
  • What kind of information were you looking for? What was important to you?
  • How was your experience at this stage of your journey?

15 minutes – Post-offer, induction and the here and now

More focused on the SU.

  • Has your experience of/with the website changed now you're studying at Bath?
  • What information are you looking for now you are at Bath?
  • How’s it all going? Any problems? Any success stories?

10 minutes – Wrap-up and any more questions

Space and time for follow up questions, any last-minute rants etc.