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Yvonne's initial thoughts...

  • Motivation
    • maintaining interest - scheduled distractions?
    • minimising distraction - unscheduled
    • cognitive factors - working with how the brain works
    • NB - this does not mean motivational posters
  • Environment
    • physical comfort - chair, desk, eyestrain, exercise breaks
    • noise from other people - phones, chatter, etc
    • interruptions
    • PC environment - email?  IM? status messages
    • work smarter, not harder (take time to learn how to do something and the best way to do it before starting; saves time later) 


Online GTD apps

Paper / offline

The experts


  • GTD is a technique for modifying the individual instead of the environment (need to do both)
  • Just another New-Age self-help technique dressed up as a business innovation



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