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  1. Is it worth writing a brief doc for new developers about how web serving works? i.e. some from CMS, some from /www/vhosts/bath and /www/vhosts/bathcms and apps proxied through?

  2. Unknown User (mg416)

    • Blog introduction
    • Scrum introduction
    • Essential HR stuff (if anyone knows where to find it on the web)
    • Our broad roles and responsibilities within the team
    • A tour of our website (warts and all)?
    • Our Web Services' vision and how it fits with the overall corporate vision

    ...I may have more to add; just my first thoughts.

  3. Unknown User (ccsya)

    • self-admin on PC
    • usability and accessibility
    • what to do if it snows!
    • Team history
    1. Unknown User (mg416)

      What does inducting in assessibility and usability look like? *interested*

      Snow: is there a business continuity plan available for Web Services, specifically, and one that includes us at a corporate level? Anyone?

      1. Unknown User (ccsya)

        I was thinking of something about our usability and accessibility standards.

        Snow - there's a HR policy on non-attendance .

        There's also a blog post about what we did last time - but no business continuity plan.

  4. What unix and group manager groups do they need adding to?


    • bath:facilities:fcl-webs:webservices+facultyeditors
    • info-webed
    • info

    group manager

    • web-maintainers
    • web
    • webdevdudes