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The CMS has a built-in news feature which can be used by any site.

To use this feature there is a specific setup required.

News setup

Create a new folder called "news" in the site root

  • Go to the site's root folder in the CMS
  • Click on New -> Folder -> Continue
  • Give it a name of news, tick "Edit properties of the new folder" and select "No index page" -> Continue
  • Click on Advanced
  • Add a template-elements property:
    • for the common template this is /system/modules/ or
    • for the version 3 template it is /_admin/pages/siteNews.jsp
  • Add the template property:
    • In the common template this is /system/modules/
    • for the version 3 template this is /system/modules/
    • Click on Finish


Create an article in the news folder

  • Go into the newly created news folder
  • Click on New -> Structured content -> Continue
  • Click on News Article -> Continue
  • Type a generic name for a news article, for example news
  • Untick "Edit properties of the new file" -> Finish


Create a new page and put the news macro on it

  1. Click on New -> Basic page -> Continue
  2. Type a name for the page, for example index, select the template and layout that you want
  3. Untick "Edit properties of the new file" -> Finish
  4. Right-click on the page and click "Edit page"
  5. Type the text {{news}} on the page
  6. Save the page and exit the editor
  7. View the page and see the news toolbar on it

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