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Draft a simple question to test the feature in question.

e.g. Take a look at these tab headings - what would you expect these tabs to contain?
OR, Can you find the links on this page (to see if they scrub for links)
OR, navigate several steps down into a site, then navigate back up (this was to see if they edited or looked at URLs to see where they were in the site)

(see the notes resulting from the tab headings question

Select a random sample of people to go and ask.

Take a notepad & pencil with you, and note down:

  • what level of user you consider them to be (expert, average, novice)
  • which version of the page you are testing (if there's more than one version)
  • note down what they do or say in response to your task or question
  • note down any other comments they make

All hallway usability test results should be anonymised.