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The starting point in identifying the target audience (singular) would be "all our users". As our users range from neophyte to very-IT-literate we can immediately identify one problem: at what technical level do we pitch any given page? - Unknown User (ccsdc)

Who is the website for?

  • prospective students?
  • students
  • lecturers
  • admin personnel
  • visiting staff
  • who else?

What is the frequency of visits by different user groups (use of dhcp, IP, etc.)

Which sectors of the University use it?

Where are users based?

Which pages would we guess are the most popular?

Which are our most popular pages (web stats)?

When in the year are they most heavily used?

Do helpdesk produce alternative guides?

What are the most frequently asked questions at helpdesk?

Are we trying to reduce helpdesk load by improving the website?

What requests do we get to web-support (or other RT queues) which could be dealt with by the website?

What are the most frequent search terms?

Where are those searches coming from? (dhcp, ip, etc.)

Next steps

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