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We have a tool for importing old JSPWiki installs to Confluence.

We maintain our own copy of this (i.e. the full source) rather than just the binary, because it's regularly broken in the owner's svn repo.

  1. Check out from
  2. For the JSPWiki you want to import, copy the file, page file directory and attachments directory to your local machine.
  3. Change the jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir and jspwiki.basicAttachmentProvider.storageDir fields in the now-local file to point to your local versions
  4. JSPWiki comes bundled with about 80 pages of JSPwiki related information which suddenly become redundant, so delete those
  5. Go to the command prompt and navigate to the directory containing wiki-importer-1.4.4.jar
  6. Import the JSPWiki using the following command:

i.e. when importing the bucswebdev wiki Phil put the file in the same dir as the jar file and typed:

java -jar wiki-importer-1.4.4.jar jspwiki bucswebdev pgw22

(the importer actually also imports Twiki syntax, hence the initial jspwiki)

  • The instructions above creates backup file which needs to be imported into confluence. The backup file can be found in the exports directory.
  • Use the backup/restore page inside the confluence administration interface to import the converted wiki