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Induction timetables are pulled in to the CMS from the timetabling system using the inductionTimetable tag. Rachel Harvey in the Timetabling Section updates the actual timetables every year and sends out the CMS links to the relevant departments so they can check that the timetables are correct.

Timetable IDs

The timetable IDs that are used in the CMS are:

DepartmentTimetable ID (UG)Timetable ID (PGT)
Architecture & Civil EngineeringDept Architecture and Civil Engineering UG studentsDept Architecture and Civil Engineering new PGT students
Biology & BiochemistryDept Biology and Biochemistry Year 1 studentsDept Biology and Biochemistry new PGT students
Chemical EngineeringDept Chemical Engineering Year 1 students-
ChemistryDept Chemistry Year 1 studentsDept Chemistry new PGT students
Computer ScienceDept Computer Science Year 1 studentsDept Computer Science new PGT students
EconomicsDept Economics Year 1 studentsDept Economics new PGT students
EducationDept Education Year 1 studentsDept Education new PGT students
Electronic & Electrical EngineeringDept Electrical Engineering year 1 studentsDept Electrical Engineering new PGT students
HealthDept Health Year 1 students-
ManagementSchool Management year 1 studentsSchool Management new PGT students
Mathematical SciencesDept Mathematical Sciences Year 1 studentsDept Mathematical Sciences new PGT students
Mechanical EngineeringDept Mechanical Engineering Year 1 studentsDept Mechanical Engineering new PGT students
Natural SciencesDept Natural Sciences Year 1 students-
Pharmacy & PharmacologyDept Pharmacy and Pharmacology year 1 students-
PhysicsDept Physics year 1 students-
Politics, Languages & International StudiesDept Politics, Languages and International Studies year 1 studentsDept Politics, Languages and International Studies new PGT students
PsychologyDept Psychology year 1 studentsDept Psychology new PGT students
Social & Policy SciencesDept Social and Policy Sciences year 1 studentsDept Social and Policy Sciences new PGT students
Management (IMML)Dept Politics, Languages and International Studies (IMML) Year 1 students-

The timetable IDs should be used in the timetabling system so that the timetables for the new year automatically display on the web pages without any intervention from Digital M&C.

Ampersands cannot be used in the timetable IDs as this makes the timetable display on the web pages fail.

The URL to the timetabling system seems to change every year. If the page outputs Sorry, timetable not found then contact the Corporate Applications and Databases team to find out if the URL needs to change.





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