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Inserting Person Finder information for an individual

  1. Click on the Person Finder icon
  2. This will launch the 'Set up Person Finder display' dialogue box:
  3. Search for the person you require - as you start typing their name, a list of possible matches will appear below the search box - select the one you require:

New features

You can

  • specify what resource you want the person's name to link to:
    • PersonFinder page
    • PIP profilepersonal home pageor a
    • profile page on your site, which must be located in /[department]/people/[initial(s)][surname].html, e.g. /oenology/people/jdbloggs.html
  • select which contact details you want to display (name, role, phone, email)
  • display details as a bulleted list, a table, a table row, or a normal paragraph
  • restrict department lists by job title and by person type
  • display a group (using the group short name, e.g. DEPT-ADMINS) that has been created in GroupManager.
  • combine any of this information with details from PIP, or with included biographical information (for example, creating a short biography for each staff member and include it on multiple otherpages in your site; then it only needs to be updated once).
  • display publications for person/people by ticking the "Publications" checkbox - see example (you need to log in to CMS first).

The old PersonFinder macro will still work in any existing pages that use it.

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  1. You can then either select full details and click insert, or repeat step 3 to add another person (in which case you probably want to insert a single row of data).  You can also delete people from your list of selected individuals.
  2. In the editor, all you will see is {{personFinder:uid=ccsya}} but once you have saved the page and returned to the web view, you will see the person's PersonFinder entry embedded in the page:

Inserting Person Finder information for a whole department

  1. Click on the Person Finder icon
  2. This will launch the 'Set up Person Finder display' dialogue box, as above.  Click on the Department tab.
  3. You can select the required department from the drop-down list, then restrict results by person type (staff, student, etc) or by job title.
  4. When you have finished, click Insert.

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