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It's useful to be able to use Oracle Express locally as we don't then have to ask for test instances of databases to be setup elsewhere for development.

  1. Get the install package for Oracle Express
  2. Run the install package as administrator, make sure you remember or note down the system password you use
  3. As yourself start a command window and run sqlplus
    • username: system
    • password: (the password you chose)
  4. Run the following command (assuming 8081 is a free port on your PC and you already run tomcat under 8080):
    exec dbms_xdb.sethttpport(8081);
  5. Edit Database_homepage.url. If you installed Oracle Express in the default location this can be found under:
    • Change the following line in the script to account for the port number change:
      • Use runas to run a command prompt as administrator, cd to the directory and run notepad Database_homepage.url
      • URL=
  6. Your database is called XE, so a connection string will be like:

If you cannot access the database homepage then check you browser proxy settings. Don't use the proxy script, instead set the proxy manually but bypass proxies for, localhost,

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