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Storm have designed a new theme for This is the plan for installing it to production.

Blogs.bath redesign deployment plan

to be executed between 7am and 9am on 2017-06-27

Sean Moran-Richards to arrive at 7 and deploy, Dan Dineen to arrive at 8 and test.

  1. Copy from live to staging on logged in after
  2. Create a new checkpoint back up on WPEngine (complete, see Desk notifcation)
  3. Clone latest changes in master branch of
  4. Set up WPEngine staging remote:
  5. Push to the WPEngine staging remote. You should now be on WP 4.7.5
  6. Upgrade WordPress to 4.8, and upgrade the network
  7. In a new browser, try logging in and out of:
  8. If there are any SSO issues, ensure that:
    1. the version on the UTHSC-WPCAS plugin is "0.2.1"
    2. the YD Network Settings on the root blog are toggled off, and back on:
    3. uthsc-wpcas_host
    4. uthsc-wpcas_port
  9. Network activate the "Advanced custom fields PRO" plugin
  10. Activate the new theme "University of Bath" (with the Storm logo) for the network
  11. Check that the root blog is still displaying a full list of blogs, and not some error
    • if error, the Network Summary plugin has been updated. Go back to step 3, and steal the correct version of the plugin from the repo before pushing (now --force) to the WPEngine remote
  12. Activate the new theme on the Digital blog. Customize the Digital blog:
    • set highlight color to #fc0c42
    • tick "Hide author avatars"
    • (temporarily) set a logo
    • (temporarily) set a header image
  13. Check that the digital blog customizations are displaying
  14. Revert all changes to the Digital blog except the highlight color and author avatars
  15. Spot check 3 other blogs to make sure changes have not impacted them inappropriately. Compare to live
    • /iprblog
    • /students
    • /vc-office
  16. Have someone review, testing:
    • log in and out, on root and a blog
    • enabling the new theme on a blog, customizing, and reverting back to the old theme
    • check root blog appearance, Digital blog appearance, a random blog appearance
    • Access permissions for specific users & blogs
  17. If all of this is good, set the root blog to use the new theme, and only customize its highlight color to  #004489
  18. Test the root blog again for breakages  and appearance
  19. If everything is kosher, create a new backup, and copy staging to live
  20. Email  that they are safe to begin working on the blog again.


Recovery plan

Should anything go wrong, in this, the recovery plan is to revert  the platform to the backup taken at the beginning of the process. We have warned blog maintainers not to add or change content between 7am and 9am on 27 June  2017, so we do not need to worry about lost content.  It is therefore critical that a fresh backup be made before any work is done.

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  1. This was completed. The only change was re-theming the root blog before review, because the prior steps took less time than anticipated.