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Need to update the latest version of Lens?

Updating Lens versions

Making a new version of Lens

We increment the Lens version number when we push landmark style or structural changes into production.

A landmark change is one that significantly alter the look, feel or structure of any page using the Lens design system.

Smaller changes such as bug fixes and minor features are rolled in to the current version number.

Full Lens release notes

Keeping track of the latest Lens version

Updating the latest version of Lens is a manual process for the time being.

Each time the Lens version increases it will needs to be updated in a handful of different locations.

Where does the Lens version number need updating?

Where?LinkWhat needs updating?Who's the audience?Publicly accessible?
  • Add 'Lens version' label
Digital build teamNo
  • Release notes
  • New Lens version number
WikiLens release notes
  • Release notes
  • New Lens version number
Lens design system
  • Summary release notes - Versioning change only
  • New Lens version number
  • No labels


  1. Dan Dineen is the link to Lens correct? I'm getting a 404