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The following definition for a Content Lifecycle when documenting work in the Wiki was agreed after a team meeting on 04/09/13.·    

  • Create a parent page in Projects space of Web Services wiki
  • Add project brief
  • Add documentation in child pages eg meeting notes, progress updates, problems overcome, thought processes, research, user testing
  • Documentation to be stored outside of Projects is User Guides eg how to create a research feature, how to update international country page, add new course prospectus
  • If documentation appropriate for Technical/Infrastructure it should be stored there eg lists of servers, database names, port numbers
  • Archive a project in Web Services Archive space when product/service is no longer being used eg V3 Research documentation would be archived when new Foundation template goes live, PIP service
  • Archiving preferable to deletion
  • Deletion reserved for duplication, inaccuracy, obsolete pages eg outdated legislation.

Please add any further thoughts below


  1. Unknown User (pgw22)

    did you discuss anything around collation of user guides into areas or topics? I notice that this page has plenty of labels!

  2. Unknown User (prm33)

    That didn't come up, no. Taxonomy and page naming conventions is probably the most logical focus for the next meeting.