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Finding errors in log files in general

If you have an error with a web app that has its own log file:

  • Check which server the log files are on. The log files are generally at /var/logs/apache/vhosts
  • Use:
# less <>

UG prospectus log files

Log files for the UG prospectus are on wwwapp1 at /opt/www/tomcat-instances/live/logs in the file named YYYY-MM-DD-catalina.out

Confluence log files

The Confluence Tomcat logs are stored in /opt/www/atlassian-confluence/logs/.

The Confluence application logs are stored on selonia in /opt/www/confluence-files/logs

Remember to sudo su wiki to get access to these.

Blogs on WPEngine log files

These can be found on the blog admin system at

If the above link doesn't work:

  • Log in to blog admin
  • Click on WPEngine on the top left of the page
  • Log file links can be found on the General Settings tab under Web Server & PHP Error Log

Wowza logs

These can be found on scallop2 at /opt/WowzaMediaServer-3.5.2/logs/