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This method uses wget to crawl an OpenCms site and save a static version of the pages. Depending on your OS there are various wget tools that you can use. On Windows there is a GUI tool which makes life easier, and these instructions are based on using that tool.

  1. Create a job and give it a name, e.g. Realising Transition Pathways
  2. Enter the address of the landing page where you want to start to crawl, e.g.
  3. Set the output folder [-P], e.g. C:\Users\tt227\Downloads
  4. Set the following options:
    1. -c
    2. --cache
    3. -r
    4. -np
  5. Run the Job
  6. Copy the output folder to W Drive, e.g. C:\Users\tt227\Downloads\\realisingtransitionpathways → \\campus\files\Web\\
  7. Amend the Apache config to reflect the change in location, e.g.:

    -Alias /realisingtransitionpathways /www/vhosts/bathcms/realisingtransitionpathways
    +Alias /realisingtransitionpathways /www/vhosts/bath/realisingtransitionpathways