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We still have a number of areas across the site where video and audio files are collected and displayed.

Our two main tools are Play and the CMS Video Tool.

There are podcasts on

There are also a couple of unmaintained areas still hosting video:



Video and audio associated with main externally-facing news articles

Videos for internal comms.

These were both written by Tom Trentham and are both powered by similar PHP scripts which parse a hand-maintained RSS file and uses it to populate both the left-hand navigation and insert the selected video file into the main content of the page.

The scripts don't use any form of templating or includes so there is a lot of code duplication.

The script on /news/multimedia/internal requires that a video to be available in mp4 or flv format and embeds Embedding video in WordPress.

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  1. Unknown User (pgw22)

    FWIW I'd suggest that we investigate handing off /news/multimedia and /news/multimedia/internal to our Wordpress-based news system.

  2. Hi Philip,

    FYI we are also looking at ways to consolidate the process of multimedia, and are looking at some third party solutions, not just for public facing videos but also internal ones. You might be interested in know that I'm looking quite closely at this:

    Which interestingly enough has a wordpress plugin so this might fit in quite nicely with your plans - contact me if you want to discuss this further.

    Incidentally, all the videos we deliver via Flowplayer are in fact flv's, not mp4's, although in theory they should work as well. There are plans to put in a production Flash (or similar) streaming server to help with mp4/flv deliveries.


    1. Unknown User (pgw22)

      Thanks Sacha, I'll take a look.

      FWIW, both videos on have a .mp4 extension and the PHP script that generates the page (which uses Flowplayer) requires that they be .mp4. I've not checked the actual encoding.

      1. Unknown User (pgw22)

        I've now updated the script on news/multimedia/internal to check for an flv file if an mp4 doesn't exist.

  3. Unknown User (ccsajm)

    After speaking to Andrew Lee and Dave Cunningham I placed an order to purchase a full license for Wowza yesterday. This came out of the Web Services budget. The plan is to see how this goes and review at stages through the next year.

  4. None of this addresses mobile access, with a certain fruit-themed device maker in particular's handset not supporting Flash this makes all Flowplayer content unavailable to iPod Touch's/iPhones and even on other platforms not many of them support Flash well or at all. Has any thought been given as to how to provide the content for them (I did suggest YT for public facing videos as it automatically generates mobile content and presents the appropriate format from the embed link) - I believe iPlayer does something similar.

    1. Unknown User (ma1twn)

      The iPhone does not yet support Flash. According to the hype, there is only one way phone which DOES support Flash (the HTC Hero) and it is pretty much useless because of the speed. As I understand it, our options for displaying video content on the iPhone and similar devices are limited to:

      • put our videos in YouTube
      • write a player for the iPhone / other devices (as has happened with YouTube)

      The latter is ... unlikely.

      1. Unknown User (lm317)

        Quicktime videos with H.264 encoding will play within Safari on the iPhone. Worth bearing in mind.

        1. Hi Liam,

          That's not entirely true - the file can only be encoded up to Baseline profile and the webpage has to be configured to deliver the file - you can't just pop a link in and hope it will appear when you click it as it won't. Also iphone doesn't support RTMP/RTSP streaming (so you'd have to serve it from somewhere else) - not impossible but needs a little thinking about and a bit of work, some of which has already been done.

          And of course, what about everybody else (windows mobile/symbian/android etc)

          Wish they'd hurry up with HTML5....

          1. Unknown User (lm317)

            "Wish they'd hurry up with HTML5...."

            tru dat.

            Thanks for the extra info - I wasn't aware of those limitations (smile)

          2. Unknown User (pgw22)

            HTML5 enters Last Call in about three weeks I think.