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Hiya! And welcome to our Wiki!

WikiWiki is Hawaiian and means "quick". The original idea of WikiWiki was to create a collaborative, fast environment which would still be persistent.

Anyone can contribute; you can delete what other people said, and even delete whole pages, but surprisingly, wikis do work.

When editing, you can easily create (and you should create) hyperlinks by just putting the word in square brackets, [like this]. If the page you are referring to does not exist, the resulting page will show the name in red, underlined. Like this: This Page Does Not Exist. (Please don't foil this example by creating that page...)

A wiki is and should be simple. Document early and document often.

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  1. It feels like this page might be a bit out-of-date. Can I delete it please?

    1. Unknown User (pgw22)

      I've brought it broadly up to date because I am emotionally attached to it.

      Delete it once I've gone (smile)