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  • Faculty Web Editors (for departments, research groups/centres)
  • Web Services (for professional services and others)


2 hours (approx)


Course handout (PDF)


Web training feedback form

Course outline

This is a self paced training course which is run in the IT training room. A trainer will be on hand to ask any questions and help with any difficulties.

Brief recap of the Web Awareness and Writing course with ongoing references to:

Delegates will be able to:

  • Find their way around the CMS
  • Name folders and files in a consistent way
  • Create a basic page
  • Paste content from sources such as Word
  • Open a page for editing
  • Edit a page using the concepts learned in Web Awareness and Writing
  • Link to other pages
  • Publish files
  • Find help and resources
  • Know what to refer to:
    • Faculty Web Editors (for departments, research groups/centres) or
    • Web Services (for professional services)

Pre-course tasks

  • Print out the course handout
  • Add the delegates to the web-maintainers and web-maintainers-v3 groups
  • Create folders in the CMS:
    • Create a folder in /cmstraining/ called today's date, e.g. /cmstraining/2011-11-11/
    • Create sub-folders in there with the names of the delegates (plus one for the trainer)
    • Copy the folder /cmstraining/trainer/essentials/ into all the sub-folders
    • Copy the file from /cmstraining/trainer/essentials-finished.html into the essentials subfolder of the trainer's folder (e.g. /cmstraining/2011-11-11/chris/essentials/) and rename the destination file to index.html
    • Publish the top folder (e.g. /cmstraining/2011-11-11/) and all the contents
    • Prepare the training room
  • On the trainer's computer:

Post-course tasks