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This is the first iteration of the Postgraduate Taught student journey editorial calendar. I have attempted to identify the stages of the PGT student journey and organised Jenni Taylor's Study calendar along the lines of that narrative. This is very much a work in progress, with many blanks to be filled and parts to be expanded.

Student journey





Our timescale

Before PGTJulyResearching study optionsPublication of Postgraduate programme/unit catalogue online, subject to minor alterations (source: SREO calendar)  

Before PGT

October 2013 – September 2013

Researching study options

Once the new freshers have arrived it's important that pages within postgraduate study are checked and updated to reflect that they are now aimed at prospective students for the following academic year. Dates should be changed and links to application systems taken out or added as relevant.

In particular pages such as:

  • How to apply
  • Accommodation
  • When you get your results
  • Applicants

Should be able to do this ourselves however if you have questions then Lee Hennessy should be able to help.

Late Sept/early Oct

Before PGT

October 2014

Online applications open

At the beginning of October you should chase up the PG fees spreadsheet in order to update this for the next cycle. Fees are submitted to the finance committee towards the middle of October at which point updates should be made but not published. Once agreed at the beginning of November the fees can be published. See the postgraduate fees update instructions on updating this content.

Bridget Conneally

October - November




The majority of PGT courses open towards the end of October. - the "when to apply box" will need updating during the year as applications close and open. - the PGT applications page works through SAMIS. Courses only appear if students can currently apply for them. Roger Peabody maintains the SAMIS information. We maintain the content at the top of the page (which changes through the year to say "you can now apply" or "applications are currently closed" etc.

To edit this content you will need to edit the file in the cms: common > includes > pgapplication > pgapplication-copy.html


Kim Spencer


Roger Peabody

Jane Olding


October (and throughout the year as needed)

Before PGT


Funding - Scholarships applications open

We start updating the PGT scholarships in January.

Most of the scholarships are for international students and these scholarships use an online application system.Virginia Irwin in the International Office seems to have ownership of most of the content and you will need to liaise with her for updates, additions or removals.

You will need to contact relevant departments if they are not a scholarship within the online application system.The web developer team usually do some work on the application system itself at this time.

Once the application system is live (usually February/March) then the updated scholarships can be published too.

Virginia Irwin, International Office


Before PGT



You should contact accommodation and book in a meeting to update the PG information.

This includes room numbers, costs, any new pictures, changes to details for each residential block. I have normally done it at my desk with Matt as I found it easier just to work through it together. (Although I do the image galleries later).

Accommodation applications open in early April. Dates on these pages will need updating and then the link to the application system adding.


Matt Waldron


(Applications open in April)


Before PGT


Visa advice (international)




Before PGT


International pre-arrival (int)
















During PGT


Study support




During PGT Semester 1   
During PGT Semester 2 accommodation

Around late Nov/early December the accommodation office open up the online application system for students moving in with us from Jan/Feb. The two main groups applying for Semester 2 are:

  • new exchange students
  • 2nd/3rd year students returning to Bath from placement elsewhere in the UK or overseas. 

So only approximately 50 per cent of the applicants will actually be new students, a large bulk will be existing undergraduates.

We will need to make updates to both UG and PG study pages:

You should contact the accommodation office to request the content for this - they will provide the information but you will need to restructure it for the web pages.

Matt Waldron, Student Accommdation Experience ManagerNovember
  Semester 2   
End of PGTJuly - SeptemberDissertation - deadline September 30   

Post PGT


Summer graduation

Ceremonies in July, should be planning from at least June - see ceremonies guide for how to

  • Will Marsh
  • Sacha Goodwin
  • Nic Delves-Broughton



Post PGT


Winter graduation

Ceremonies are in December, should be planning from at least November - see ceremonies guide for how to

  • Will Marsh
  • Sacha Goodwin
  • Nic Delves-Broughto

November -December

Post PGT




The Careers office provide us with information for our employability pages. This data changes each year and will need to be updated. I normally contact Jayne Hacker who can provide the updated figures.

PG information should go here:

About site info:

Jayne Hacker, Destination Survey Manager


Post PGT Alumni Paola Bassindale 

All year round

All year round

International students

The international office are able to update the country pages themselves. They may occassionally need assistance or have questions.

There is an international project section that you might find useful.


Jo Power, International Officer

All year round