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Below is a fairly comprehensive list of the different templates used to display content on our website.

Within the CMS

  • 14170 files that have a value in the template property
  • 622 files that have a value in the bath.scustom property


  • 2969 .dwt files exist on the filesystem (based on a report created by Unknown User (ma1twn)) - this includes test.bho and webarchive.bho folders

Raw data

  File Modified
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet templatesincms.xlsx Workfile of css and template properties used in the cms Nov 01, 2013 by lm317
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet cms-unique-scustom-values-nov2013.xlsx Nov 04, 2013 by pgw22
Text File dreamweaver-templates-www.txt Compiled by Tom Natt by scraping the W drive for .dwt file extensions Nov 20, 2013 by lm317

Others - - homepage - content page - news page

/play - homepage

/whats-on - listing page

/news - news page

/social-tools - homepage - guidance page - standard page

/library - search results



Screenshots of all the pages in our site which have custom CSS are within 'template-audit-november-2013' in the shared directory - there are lots of 404s since the report was generated looking at all resources in the CMS, but lots of them aren't actually available via www.bath

A CMS script was used to get the list of resources and then generated the screenshots over a period of 30 minutes

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