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This stage met the following blockers:

Difficulty in copying RDSO folder into Sandbox.

Recurring CMS problems that we have been dealing with for a few weeks resulted in the folder not copying over in its entirety. We resolved this by taking the following three steps:

  • using Screaming Frog, Justin did a crawl of all the pages in the live site and the Sandbox version of RDSO.
  • after comparing the two, Justin copied the folder that had failed to copy the first time, and then looked at the data more closely to ensure all leftover pages were copied
  • once this was complete, Justin did another crawl of the Sandbox RDSO site to ensure the contents were identical to the live site.

When Justin was correcting this problem, he noticed that there was a PDF which was named incorrectly, using spaces instead of dashes, in the KTA folder, which was generally where the CMS crashed when he attempted to copy the folder as a whole. Future sprints on other websites will verify if this was the problem or if it was the recurring CMS problems.

Difficulty in migrating pages to V3 template

We used the Guide for migrating to V3 template as a reference here, but were unable to successfully complete this task. Kelvin Gan deduced that there were two potential scenarios we were facing:

  1. That the Template properties were set in the parent folder, and every page underneath it would inherit thet setting, unless overridden on individual resources set on every page
  2. That the template properties were set in the individual page, a common feature of first dozen or so sites first migrated to the CMS

We tried altering the template properties in the parent folder as outlined the first scenario, which didn't work. Using the content tools in the CMS administration view, we were able to alter this so that the template properties were set in the parent folder, and everything underneath it inherited those properties. This took a couple of attempts as the code in the Guide for Migrating to V3 Template and been written inaccurately (with upper case T instead of lower case for /pagetemplate).

Issues emerging from this work

The links in the left-hand nav, and the links within the page, all link to the live RDSO site in the Common template. Whereas changing the left-hand nav will be relatively straightforward, it will be imperative we find a less onerous and time-consuming solution for changing the links in the page to the Sandbox version than doing it by hand for every single instance.