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Working from the list of Top Level Issues, we identified the following tasks as High, Medium and Lower Priority, and a small number of tasks being classed as ‘On hold’ during this iteration. These tasks can be viewed on the spreadsheet attached to this page.

RDSO Pilot - move to V3 (1).xlsx

High priority tasks

  • Point the links within the Sandbox site to point to the sandbox RDSO site rather than the live site in the CMS
  • Change the Heading 2s at the top of pages with H1s
  • Apply Top-Level page templates to the RDSO homepage and each Section page
  • Identify where the RDSO’s site Information Architecture breaks the navigation
  • Restructure IA to incorporate lower levels of content. This has three tasks itself: design new IA, moving folders to match new IA, and updating the navigation to match the new IA
  • Remove old news and events content

Medium priority tasks

  • Auto-create boxout containing the content of right column, and deleting the right column
  • Find images for top-level pages
  • Fix pages with ‘??? LeftMenuItem[1]/Link/URL ??? in left-hand navigation in Staff.bho and About sections
  • Rework Knowledge Transfer Partnerships page
  • Remove all divs around content and replace with <p> or appropriate

Lower priority tasks - General

  • Apply table heading rows to all document links
  • Where documents include links, alter content with appropriate solution
  • Remove extra spacing added to lists
  • Review whether custom css and .gif can be moved elsewhere without affecting performance
  • Ensure headings follow hierarchical structure

Lower priority tasks - Specific to pages

Tasks ‘On hold’ for this iteration

  • Find replacement images for all that do not adhere to VisID (size, quality, composition)
  • Page titles need to be updated to include ‘Page | Department | University’
  • Keywords need to be added to all pages within the website
  • Page descriptions need to be added to all pages
  • Validate HTML and CSS

  • All images need accurate alt text
  • Source new partner logos (
  • Link text needs to accurately describe the destination content + be written accessibly
  • Validating of web pages on hold until later sprint
  • Replacing right-hand columns with boxouts
  • Having pages adhere strictly to the Visual ID became less of a priority as the focus moved towards ensuring that pages were shippable within the timeframe of a two-week sprint eg creating top-level pages for sections was deferred until a later sprint