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Creating tickets

  • Go to RT home page
  • Using the drop down menu in the top right of the page, select "web-frontline"
  • Click on "new ticket in" button
  • Enter the requestors details and look them up (only one field normally needs to be completed)
  • Click on create ticket
  • Add a subject and useful description
  • Click on create
  • You can then reply to and deal with the ticket as normal

Using RT by e-mail

You can set up RT with your e-mail client. This makes it easier for searching.

To set it up in Thunderbird:

  • Click on "File" then "Subscribe"
  • In the window that comes up expand "user" and "cc-shared"
  • Tick "support-web" and click "Subscribe"
  • Click OK

The ticket list will be imported into Thunderbird which may take a while. It will then be displayed in your list of mail folders.

Redirecting emails into RT

In Thunderbird

Install the Redirect plugin for Thunderbird.

Message - Redirect - - send

Or you can add the Redirect button to your toolbar.

In Outlook
  • Open the desired email in its own window.
  • Click Other Actions in the toolbar.
  • Select Resend This Message... from the menu.
  • Click Yes.
  • Enter in the To..., Cc... or Bcc... line.
  • Click Send.
In Pine

The bounce: B command allows you to re-send a message, as if you were never in the loop.

The presence or absence of the Bounce command is determined by the "enable-bounce-cmd" feature-list option in your Pine configuration.

Viewing tickets

  1. Type RT into the address bar of your browser
  2. Hit enter
  3. Log in with your BUCS username and password
  4. In the RT at a glance screen, you can now see tickets assigned to you in the top left, and the queues to which you have access under the heading "Quick search". Our queue is web-frontline - click on this to see a list of new, open, and stalled tickets.
  5. You can sort tickets by the headings (sort by owner and sort by date being the most useful)
  6. To open a ticket, click on its name or number

Modifying tickets

Once you have opened a ticket, you can modify it using the Basics screen.

Subject: here you can change the subject line of the email
Status: here you can change it to new / open / stalled / resolved
Queue: here you can change it to another queue (usually redirect Admissions queries to adm-admissions)
Owner: here you can change the "owner" (person responsible for responding to the ticket)

Merging tickets

If a ticket is about the same issue as another topic,you can merge it with the other ticket.

First ascertain the number of the other ticket.

Then go into the new ticket and click on Links on the menu bar, enter the number of the ticket you want to merge it into in the Merge into field. Click Save Changes.

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  1. Unknown User (mnskchg)

    You need the Redirect plugin for Thunderbird:

    It's not built in.