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  • Right-click on the page icon and select Rename/Move

  • If you are moving a page to a different folder:
    Type in the full path to your new page-name, e.g. /sandbox/testfolder/mypage.html
  • If you are renaming the page but leaving it in the same folder:
    Type the new name of the file.

  • Click OK
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  1. Unknown User (adsjfh)

    Does renaming/moving automatically update any links on other pages in the CMS to the new location?

    1. Unknown User (pgw22)

      Hi John, yes, any pages linking to the moved page will be modified to link to the new location, but they won't get automatically republished. If you touch a common file like the left-hand navigation using Advanced->Touch and then publish that file it will force a republish of all the files in the site.

      Allegedly this will happen automatically in the latest version but we haven't tested it yet.

  2. Unknown User (ma1twn)

    • roll above comments into the page
    • 1st screenshot is old interface (low priority)
    • 2nd screenshot is confusing. Assuming we start in the sandbox it shows neither a rename or a move. Remove this screenshot
    • Add 3rd and 4th screenshot demonstrating a move and a rename separately