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FRMI - Fault Management Resource Identifier

The FRMI used for BUCS customised apache startup scripts is:

svc: - service prefix
/site/ - location of local site service additions
BUCS-http - service name
apache2 - instance name



svcs -a BUCS-http

Lists all the apache instances on a box and their states

svcs -x BUCS-httpd:apache2

Gives information on the selected apache instance (note log location)

svcadm disable -t BUCS-httpd:apache2

Temporarily disables (so the service will come back on restart) the selected tomcat instance (removing the -t removes the instance from the startup sequence)

svcadm enable BUCS-httpd:apache2

Starts the selected instance

svcadm clear BUCS-httpd:apache2

Clears a maintenance state on an instance (see log for details of why the service has been marked as under maintenance)

svccfg -v import /var/svc/manifest/site/BUCS-httpd.xml

Imports the specified manifest file (only used at setup and configuration) and  

Served from pingu

Check the config:
/opt/www/apache2/bin/httpd configtest

svcadm restart BUCS-http and main bath served virtualhosts 

Currently served from snoopy/woodstock

Check the config:
/opt/www/apache2/bin/httpd configtest

svcadm restart BUCS-http

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