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  • Add to gemfile 

    see another project for the oauth key

  • bundle install
  • Create the necessary config files: bundle exec uniofbath_deploy init
  • Update the repository variable in config/deploy.rb
  • Update the settings in the build environment config/deployments/digilin01.rb
  • Ready to Mina!

Helper scripts

There is a helper included in the Gem for creating the config files:


The Gem is a private repository in our Github Enterprise install. It is included in a project's Gemfile and Bundler pulls it from Github. The repository is accessed using an OAuth token. The token belongs to the builder user.

When a project is using this Gem, it needs to include:

  • config/deploy.rb

And one config file per deployment environment (eg staging):

  • config/deployments/staging.rb

Written for Rails

The Gem was written with a Rails project in mind. If you are working with a Padrino project, there will be differences. Specifically:

  • when running helper commands (see below), prefix with bundle exec

Open Source release

We have released this gem as open source software. The repo can be found in our public github account. For the moment, the private repo remains the canonical source for our own development.

To update the public repo, update the private repo and have your changes merged into master as usual then:

For more information, see the github docs on adding remote repositories.

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