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Via the workspace

(can be done with any type of content)

Step 1

 Sometimes you may want a page only to be available for a short time on your website, and therefore want it to expire automatically.  For example, you might want to publicise an event such as a seminar or conference, but no longer display the details once the event is past.
You can do this in OpenCms with a feature called Availability.

See below for step 2.

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Step 2

 Select a release date for the item by clicking on the calendar icon.

 If one of the site editors has the responsible button ticked on their permissions settings, you can also set a Notification Interval to send an email every x days since the item was last modified (you also need to tick the Enable Notification box).  This is a way of reviewing old content.

Via the news item edit screen

(can only be done with news items)

Step 1

At the bottom of the news item edit screen, click on the new button to activate the release date and/or expiry date:


Step 2

Click on the calendar icon to select the release/expiry date:

 Save and publish the file.

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