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  1. Download and install Pidgin (you do not need Administrator privileges to do this)
  2. When you run the program for the first time, you will see a screen entitled Buddy List
  3. Click on Accounts on the menu bar, and select Manage. This will launch a new window called Accounts.
  4. Click on the Add button
  5. Under Protocol select XMPP
  6. In Screen Name type your University of Bath username
  7. In Domain type
  8. In Resource type your location (or anything else)
  9. In Password type your University of Bath password
  10. In Local Alias enter the name you would like to appear next to your communications (usually first name + last name)
  11. Optional step: Make sure that Remember Password is checked
  12. Optional step: If you want to use a picture to appear as your "avatar", tick the box next to Use this buddy icon for this account and click on the icon that currently appears there. This will allow you to browse and select a new one.
  13. Click Save.

After a short wait you should find your Buddy List is populated with contacts and groups. If you double-click on one a message window will appear. In the messaging window type your message and press enter (on the keyboard).

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  1. After a short wait you should find your Buddy List is populated with contacts and groups.

    Hmm, thanks for that, now how do I get rid of them??? 

    Automatically populating my 'Buddy List' with a lot of unwanted and seemingly random groups which add pointless clutter (e.g. 643 UBSA members) makes me instantly want to close Pidgin forever and go back to Messenger.  I can delete these annoying groups in Pidgin, but as soon as I log out and log back in, they reappear (sad)

    1. Unknown User (pgw22)

      Yes, the groups are managed centrally on so you could set up say, a support team specific one to get everyone on each others user list without everyone having to add 50 people.

      Pidgin does let you collapse groups, so in the worst case you'd only have one redundant entry rather than 640.

      We do have the ability to stop groups from appearing in the user list, but only globally, not per-user. We've already removed several of groups which are redundant for us, but there aren't enough of us who are UBSA members to judge whether it would have been better to leave it in or take it out, so it stayed in by default!

      Let us know what groups there are which seems pointless or redundant and we can see about switching them off.

      Feel free to add me to your user list on

      1. Ta for the reply.  Yes, I've added various groups in groupmanager, which is generally very useful, but I don't want them all in my messenger, even collapsed there are 11 unwanted groups which takes up more space than the people I actually want to chat to!! If we could choose to add and remove groups from groupmanager that would be great, but as it is I'd personally want to take all of them out, apart from "BUCS IT Supporters". So

        • UBSA Members
        • Host manager admins for BUCS...
        • BUCS site licensed software
        • BUCS Mail Systems Working group
        • BUCS host manager administrators
        • BUCS host manager read only users
        • BUCS host manager users 
        • Security Interest Group
        • Web Maintainers
        • BUCS Network and Systems Team
        • BUCS Systems Administrators


        1. Unknown User (pgw22)

          OK that is a lot!

          I've now disabled some of these so that you now have:

          • UBSA
          • Web Maintainers
          • BUCS Network and Systems Team
          • BUCS Systems Administrators

          I believe that the others were subsets of these groups.

  2. Unknown User (fmw21)

    Hi, pidgin seems to be unable to connect to jabber (but can to MSN) when I connect with LAN, but it's fine with eduroam.